Caio Romão

A software developer writing code and recommender systems for


I am a Brazilian software developer living in The Netherlands with a very diverse background ranging from real-time embedded systems to web APIs.

Currently I lead a group of Data Scientists, Developers and Designers with the objective of improving the customer experience at by applying all sorts of mad science to rivers of data.

You can download my brief resume here and if it piques your interest (and your message mine :-), more details are available upon request. Would you rather work with me? Contact me then!


While I enjoy writing (and reading) a lot, I don't write for public publishing anymore. You can - however - still check old technical posts if you are looking for anything in particular.

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Feel free to contact me directly if none of the bellow networks is more appropriate. Or if you just want to say hello! But please try to put a decent subject line so I can spot your message amidst all the spam.


Do not be fooled by this page's quality into thinking that I'm a great Designer and/or Photographer. This page was merely assembled and - if anything - made look worse by yours truly.

Design credits goes to the excellent Start Bootstrap resource. Photos were sourced from Gratisography's freely available awesome pictures.